Preserving natural resources for current and future generations

A key aspect of the General Plan is how it minimizes the impact of daily activities on the natural environment to preserve and improve the quality of life today and in the future. Union City is surrounded by a diverse and unique mix of natural resources ranging from beautiful hills to salt marshes and meandering creeks. These resources are fundamental in defining the character and future growth patterns of Union City. In addition, the city has a network of recreational and historical resources. It is critical that these resources are recognized and preserved for the purposes of educating the public and retaining the character of Union City. The General Plan Update will provide for the restoration of impacted environmental resources, protection and improvement of air quality, and preservation of the City’s open space as well as biological and water resources.

Sustainability is a global issue of increasing urgency. The public’s awareness of human impact on the environment has dramatically increased the effort to create sustainable communities. The General Plan Update will help focus attention on creating a community that is environmentally responsible by reducing the ecological footprint of residents and businesses through resource conservation, pollution prevention, and waste reduction.

The General Plan Update will:

  • Provide the formal policy base for a sustainable Union City by updating the Environmental Sustainability Element to address climate change adaptation, recent green building standards, Bay-friendly policies, and integrating Climate Action Plan strategies, measures, and actions throughout the Plan.
  • Revisit the existing Environmental Sustainability Element that focuses on integrating government, business, transportation, and design sustainability practices.
  • Analyze and mitigate the potential environmental impacts associated with implementation of the updated General Plan.