General Plan Advisory Committee

Union City is soliciting comments and feedback on the General Plan in a variety of ways. One way we’ve done this is by forming the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC). The GPAC meets regularly to inform the General Plan process and ensure the plan reflects the values of the community. Community Development Department staff lead and facilitate the GPAC meetings.

GPAC Operating Rules of Procedure

GPAC Operating Rules of Procedure

These 14 members serve on the GPAC:

City Council Members

  • Jim Navarro
  • Pat Gascoscos

City Commission Members

  • Lee Guio, Planning Commission
  • Jo Ann Lew, Planning Commission
  • Chuck Kennedy, Parks & Recreation Commission
  • Jaime Patino, Human Relations Commission
  • Domingo Filardo, Senior Commission
  • Jaden Gray, Youth Commission
  • Lance Nishira, Economic Development Advisory Team

Members Representing Community Organizations and the Public

  • Sarabjit Cheema, New Haven Unified School District
  • Barry Ferrier, At-large
  • Lisa Mata, At-large
  • Vincent Tice, At-large