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General Plan Update Documents!

For this phase of the General Plan Update, the City will release the elements individually, and the City Council and Planning Commission will hold study sessions to review the draft elements. Keep an eye out for e-blasts announcing study sessions. All are welcome to attend these study sessions and encouraged to provide feedback through the Feedback page, or by directly emailing

Each Element undergoes a series of revisions as part of the General Plan Process. The links below the title of each Element show the different versions of the draft Elements, as well as feedback collected as the City releases revised draft Elements.

Land Use Element

The Land Use Element contains the Land Use Diagram as well as the policies and standards that directly shape land use decisions and the resulting physical form of Union City. An underlying theme of this General Plan is to create quality places that improve the quality of life for residents and enhance the City’s fiscal stability, while preserving successful areas of the community. With limited opportunities for new development, every subsequent project will play an important part in enhancing the built environment. This General Plan seeks to ensure that infill development is done in a way that boosts the local economy, provides housing opportunities, brings jobs and services to the city, and creates quality places that enhance the experience for residents, workers, and visitors.

The Land Use Element is the second of nine elements in the Union City 2040 General Plan to be publicly released (click here to find out more about what a General Plan is).

Preliminary Public Review Draft of the Land Use Element (October 2017)

Preliminary Public Review Draft of the Land Use Diagram (October 2017)

Economic Development Element

A strong economic and fiscal base is critical to developing and maintaining Union City’s prosperity. Union City has many locational advantages that make it a draw for business. In addition, the City’s cultural diversity, educated workforce, quality schools, low crime rate, relatively affordable housing, and relatively affordable commercial rents also make it an attractive place to do business. The goals and policies in the Economic Development Element support the continued growth of the local economy, increased fiscal solvency of Union City, and overall improvement in the quality of life for Union City residents.

The Economic Development Element is the first of nine elements in the Union City 2040 General Plan to be publicly released.

Revised Preliminary Public Review Draft of the Economic Development Element (August 2017)

Revised Preliminary Public Review Draft of the Economic Development Element
(with comments incorporated, August 2017)

Revised Preliminary Public Review Draft of the Economic Development Element with Redlines
(with comments shown in track changes, August 2017)

Summary of Feedback Received
(consolidated list of comments and feedback, August 2017)

Preliminary Public Review Draft of the Economic Development Element (June 2017)

Land Use Alternatives Public Input Summary

The Land Use Alternatives Public Input Summary gathers all the public input collected since mid-March. It provides a high-level overview on how participants ranked priorities and which land use alternatives were most preferable.

Newsletter #3: Evaluating Future Land Use Alternatives

Union City General Plan Update Newsletter #3: Evaluating Future Land Use AlternativesThe third edition of the General Plan newsletter summarizes detailed information from the Alternatives Report (see below). It provides a high level overview of the Focus Area and Citywide Alternatives, and briefly summarize and compare the benefits and impacts of the alternatives. The last two pages of the newsletter include a tear-off worksheet that you can use to identify which alternatives you like best. You can either mail or drop off your completed worksheet to the City. The City will accept your completed worksheet through April 29, 2016, for inclusion in the public outreach summary that will be presented to the Planning Commission and City Council.

Draft Alternatives Report

The Alternatives Report (and appendix) provides information about new land uses being considered for key areas within Union City. These new land use ideas have been organized into five citywide land use alternatives, including a land use alternative that reflects the existing General Plan. This analysis also takes a closer look at three Focus Areas, including the Greater Station District, the Union City Boulevard Corridor, and the Horner-Veasy Area.

The Alternatives Report is designed to give the reader information needed to make an informed choice about land use alternatives, even if the reader has not been involved in the General Plan Update process before now. This Report is organized into the following chapters:

  1. The Introduction and Background chapter describes the purpose of the General Plan and outlines the phases in the Update process.
  2. The Land Use Alternatives chapter first provides an introduction to the land use designations used to plan future development and second, presents Focus Area Alternatives and Citywide Alternatives. Maps of proposed alternative land uses are included, in addition to the amount of housing and employment expected to be generated from each alternative. Each Focus Area also includes an overview of the area and identifies development constraints and opportunities.
  3. The Citywide Alternatives Evaluation chapter provides a detailed comparison of the Citywide Alternatives. It evaluates the benefits and impacts of each alternative for selected criteria in the categories of land use, economic and fiscal conditions, transportation and mobility, infrastructure and services demands, resources, and hazards and safety.
    4. The Focus Areas Alternatives Evaluation chapter evaluates and compares the Focus Area Alternatives.

Draft Land Use Concepts Whitepaper

The Draft Land Use Concepts whitepaper presents the proposed land use concepts that will be used to develop
future growth and development alternatives for General Plan Update, and the evaluation criteria
that will be used to analyze and compare the alternatives.  You can view the draft land use concepts here. 

General Plan Background Report Public Review Draft

UCGPU_BR_Cover_Public Review Draft_2015-05-15The General Plan Background Report takes a “snapshot” of Union City’s current conditions across a wide range of topics. This report provides context for making land use and policy decisions, and is intended to be objective and policy-neutral. The Public Review Draft Background Report will remain a draft until the City adopts the updated General Plan. Until that time, the City will collect public comments on the Report.


Executive Summary (0.3 mb)
Chapter 1: Introduction (0.5 mb)
Chapter 2: Demographic Trends (0.5 mb)
Chapter 3: Fiscal and Economic Conditions (2.6 mb)
Chapter 4: Community Health and Quality of Life (23.4 mb)
Chapter 5: Land Use (5.6 mb)
Chapter 6: Community Design (2.4 mb)
Chapter 7: Transportation and Mobility (3.1 mb)
Chapter 8: Public Facilities and Services (5.5 mb)
Chapter 9: Natural and Cultural Resources (63 mb)
Chapter 10: Hazards and Public Safety (43.9 mb)
Chapter 11: Housing Element (33 mb)

Newsletter #2: Assets, Issues, and Opportunities, and the Vision – June 2015

The second edition of the General Plan newsletter highlights the key assets, issues, and opportunities facing the city and provides an overview of the refined Vision Statement.


Boletín en Español


Tagalog Newsletter



Assets, Issues, and Opportunities Report

Cover JPEGThe Assets, Issues, and Opportunities Report provides a summary to facilitate important discussion on assets, issues, and opportunities in Union City. The Report is designed to focus the community’s attention on key topics that have major policy implications as the City considers how to grow and change over the next 25 years. The City anticipates that this Report will stimulate discussion and lead to confirmation and selection of courses of action to be reflected in the Alternatives Report and the General Plan Policy Document.
Assets, Issues, and Opportunities Report

Draft Vision and Guiding Principles

Vision and Guiding Principles_2015-02-25 1The draft Vision Statement and Guiding Principles capture the City’s key values and aspirations for the future. The Vision Statement paints a picture of what Union City could be 25 years from now. The Guiding Principles flow from the Vision Statement and establish broad benchmarks for the rest of the of the General Plan Update process and the General Plan itself. Both the Vision and Guiding Principles, along with the topics identified and discussed in the Assets, Issues, and Opportunities Report, will be used to define and evaluate land use alternatives within the community.
Draft Vision and Guiding Principles

Union City Housing Element – Certified

The Union City Housing Element addresses housing opportunities for present and future residents through 2023. The purpose of the Housing Element is to identify and analyze existing and projected housing needs in order to preserve, improve, and develop housing for all economic segments of the community. The Department of Housing and Community Development found the Housing Element in compliance with State law on February 19, 2015.
Certified Housing Element
Letter of Certification

General Plan One Page Overview

coverThis document provides a quick introduction to the General Plan process and suggests ways for you to get involved. Help us get the word out about the General Plan Update and share this resource with your friends and neighbors!







Newsletter #1 – August/September 2014

coverThe first edition of the General Plan newsletter introduces the Update process, reports on the kick-off meeting, and shares ways for you to get involved.


Boletín en Español


Tagalog Newsletter



Existing City Documents

2020 Union City General Plan

The current Union City General Plan was adopted in 2002. Once the Union City 2040 General Plan is adopted, the current General Plan will be archived and no longer in effect.

City of Union City Housing Element 2007-2014

Adopted in 2010, this housing element will be replaced as part of the Union City 2040 General Plan process.