Creating a vibrant community for existing residents and future generations

All residents have a stake in making Union City a unique, fun, and desirable community. The General Plan lays out a long-term strategy for the type of community Union City will be when today’s children and teens are adults. For young adults the General Plan helps create unique places for living, working, and socializing. For families, the General Plan supports safe, family-oriented neighborhoods, accessible parks and recreation activities, and a coordinated education system. Finally, the General Plan identifies the types of housing, services, and amenities available to seniors and the elderly to age in place and have a fulfilling and active lifestyle.

The General Plan Update is about where current residents and future generations will live, work, and play.

The General Plan Update provides an opportunity to create a vision for what we want our city to become in the future. Union City is committed to realizing the community vision developed through the General Plan Update, but your input and involvement is needed in order to articulate your vision for the type of community and high quality environment that Union City can and should be.

How can you participate in the General Plan Update?

  • Sign-up for email updates to stay informed about upcoming workshops and events and project milestones.
  • Join the online townhall forum and have a conversation with other residents about the General Plan Update.
  • Attend a community workshop or GPAC meeting on the General Plan Update to let us know your thoughts and ideas for Union City’s future. There will be three workshops during the update to discuss: 1) issues and opportunities and the vision; 2) land use alternatives; and 3) the draft General Plan.
  • Tell your friends and neighbors about the General Plan Update and how everyone has an important role in planning Union City.

The General Plan Update will:

  • Plan for an additional 10,900 people living and 5,100 more people working in Union City over the next 25 years.
  • Identify the types of land uses and changes that may affect neighborhoods and the programs and services the City will develop or enhance to improve quality of life.
  • Reflect and support City Council efforts to make Union City a safer, cleaner, and healthier community through access to healthier foods, walkable neighborhoods, safe routes to schools, neighborhood security, and increased recreational opportunities.
  • Identify opportunities for recreation, access to open space, and programs designed to meet the needs of children, teens, adults, families, and seniors.
  • Focus on the ability of Union City and its residents and businesses to plan for and deal with changing economic, environmental, and social circumstances, while continuing to maintain fiscal stability, high quality of life, and economic growth.
  • Update the existing Youth, Family, Seniors, and Health Element to meet new and emerging needs.
  • Coordinate with New Haven School District to meet the educational needs of existing and future Union City families, children, and youth.