Alternatives Online Townhall Forum

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the community workshops on March 19 and 31, 2016. We appreciate your feedback!

If you were unable to make it, there are still opportunities to tell us what you think.

The General Plan is a long-range planning document that is considered the city’s “constitution” or blueprint, because it guides growth, traffic patterns, housing, and more. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to help shape Union City’s future! Please choose from one of the two options to provide your feedback. We recommend referencing Newsletter #3 when considering your choices.

Please provide your input by April 29, 2016 to ensure it is included in the public input summary report that will be presented to the Planning Commission and City Council.



Share your ideas on how Union City should grow and develop over the next 25 years from your personal computer, tablet, or smart phone. The questions on the Online Townhall Forum are similar to the exercises from the community workshops. You will be prompted to sign up and log in to do these activities.



Share your ideas via email, or by mailing in the worksheet provided below. This activity is similar to the exercises from the community workshops.

Worksheet for email-in (download PDF; email completed worksheet as attachment) Worksheet for mail-in (download and print PDF; mail in completed worksheet)


The newsletter contains an overview of the Focus Area Alternatives and evaluates the alternatives based on a variety of criteria, including (but not limited to) jobs/housing balance, affordability, congestion, school demands, and air quality. This is a good reference when considering and selecting your preferred alternative for each Focus Area.

Why do I Need to Create an Account?

Each participant in the Online Townhall Forum needs to create an account. By creating an account, you will help ensure the Townhall Forum is a productive tool for the city. It will also ensure input provided by participants is representative of Union City’s residents. The Online Townhall Forum allows participants to see each other’s comments and provide responses, creating an interactive atmosphere.